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October 28, 2010
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APH: Switzerland's kids by Cadaska APH: Switzerland's kids by Cadaska
Switzerland totally was Europeís babysitter back then :nod:
He got children from France, Belgium, Serbia, Spain, Czechoslovakia, England, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
Actually the Swiss Red Cross still offers this service.

Switzerland had a population of about four million people back then and the Swiss still had to live on food rations after WWII. So taking care of so many kids in such times is pretty impressive imo :D

I think Ludwig cares for his people and therefore would have loved to take Switzerland up on his offer. However, he seems to defend Hitlerís decisions and opinions in front of other nations even when he personally disagrees with them (Austrian Anschluss). So he probably repeated what his bosses said and published about Switzerland (which, as you can see here, wasnít very flattering). Many ordinary Germans also didnít have a very high regard for Switzerland (again, Iím being diplomatic here X)).

The money came from donations by the Swiss population. Itís astounding but non-Swiss people were not even allowed to donate! Families which decided to take care of a foreign child didnít get any money for it (unless they really couldnít afford it, which was rare).
Most kids stayed for three months but a year or more was not that unusual.

That the Swiss liked the Austrian children most is of course not an indisputable fact. I just read testimonies which claimed that and thereís simply so much more information about the Austrian children that Switzerland must have had a special interest in them. I found so many photos of Austrian children. Thereís even a pretty awesome book with testimonies.
And of course this: [link]
The German kids who had come to Switzerland later founded a trust to help other children in need. 44000 German kids came to Switzerland after the war.

Switzerland is less hostile to Austria here becauseÖ.well, he got rather clingy after WWII (Austria approved) :XD:
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xxRiddleFanxx Feb 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
The last panel's so cute~
that kid kinda looks like romano xD
Amazing, as always!! :)
Thanks a lot!
You're welcome! :)
statiqueSagitta Jul 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
counting sheep
literally :iconpandarunplz:
Strawberry-Freckles Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Love it ^^
I love your cartoons, but this one really hit home. My uncle's mom was born in France & she survived WWII cuz her parents  sent her to Switzerland during the war. The sad thing is she never saw her family again, but she did eventually emigrate to America & started a family here. :D
Thank you!
That's sad to hear. I'm glad Switzerland accepted her, they turned away many refugees. Especially if they were Jewish.
You're welcome!

Yeah, but that was the sad reality for people living during a time of war, more especially during WWII. We're Jewish, so it's lucky they took her in. How sad for her parents to put their baby on a train, knowing they may never see her again, or wonder if she's okay, or whatnot. *sighs*
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