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December 21, 2013
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APH: Our embarrassing bosses by Cadaska APH: Our embarrassing bosses by Cadaska
Second part:…
third part:…

Based on the panel where Frederick complains to Gilbert about a French guy groping him. Totally a Voltaire reference :nod: I’m not saying that Frederick II. was actually gay (he could’ve been asexual). And Joseph simply had an intellectual hero crush on Frederick.

Personally I think Hetalia Frederick looks nothing like the real man but I stuck to the hetalia version anyway. Have a historical drawing of their first meeting. In bed (Frederick was ill,  and super embarrassed about it):… And here they are just hanging out, being fabulous:…

Frederick and Voltaire also wrote each other nice poems like this one:
V: « Non, malgré vos vertus, non malgré vos appas / Mon âme n’est point satisfaite / Non, vous n’êtes qu’une coquette / Qui subjuguez les coeurs et ne vous donnez pas. »
F: « Mon coeur sent le prix de vos divins appas / Mais ne présumez pas qu’elle soit satisfaite / Traître vous me quittez pour suivre une coquette / Moi je ne vous quitterai pas. »

Voltaire's part basically translates to „Let me have you already, damnit. You and your stupid trust issues“. And Frederick just goes „Bitch my trust issues are there for a reason.“
..............I shouldn’t be allowed near French poetry.

8th panel:… They do have their similarities.
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OMG gurl, did you want kill me breathless?
LOLing so much here X'D
Being a girl that hardly laughs much nowadays, this is the first thing in a while that's made me laugh this hard. XD I could easily see something like this in an actual Hetalia strip.

Now if you excuse me, I'm off to read the other two parts of this. :3
Thanks a lot! Glad you had fun :XD:
verypinkmelon Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Omg thats so interesting and hilarious!! Thank you for making all these comics!!
Thanks to you too! :D
verypinkmelon Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are welcome! <3

the old Fritz and Voltaire^^...

Frederick II. really was an interesting person, an enlighted but absolute monarch, a composer and poet but militarist...

I also love the part "Are you always that dumb or were you making a special effort for me today?"

Ah, history lessons would be much more funny and interesting with comic strips like this^^  You're doing a great job!

(oh yeah, Frederick's German skills... I once read some of his personal notes and just thought "what the..., that's supposed to be German ?!" XD

There's a quote about this: "How could someone be that bad at German [language], but be such a great German [man] ?", meaning Frederick II.

He's said to have stated himself, he could talk German "only like a coachman"^^)

Thanks! X)

Yeah, he was so very creative with the German language. I couldn't make so many mistakes if I tried (he wrote Monat as mohnahd.  ouch!)

But that's an insult to every coachman!

One of my "favourites" is also "Al Mosen wirtschaft"...

But Frederick the Great also had some sense of humor, for e.g., he once answered a request of a business man named Wind with "I already have enough wind in my country, I do not need anymore" (Frederick II. used the term "wind" to describe something which was most likely without much success^^). Or did you know already ?

I was in Vienna once, and I can confirm, austrian coachmen speak proper German (never met anyother coachmen)^^

Oh, Al Mosen sounds sexy! So Arabic! :XD:

No I didn't know that, thanks! XD So he did understand German well at least. I only knew that he usually demanded German books to be translated to French first before he read it. In the very very rare instances when he wanted to read something from a German author.

I'm sure he simply wanted to insult those poor coachmen....
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