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APH: More embarrassing bosses by Cadaska APH: More embarrassing bosses by Cadaska
Part 1 and 2:……

Many of the stories about Frederick’s childhood were written afterwards. So don’t nail me down on any of these things.

It’s unlikely that his dad really planned to execute him, he mainly wanted to scare and break him (he said as much). But of course Austria and Poland didn‘t know that, and neither did Frederick. Both weren’t the only countries trying to save him. England, Russia and Sweden did as well. His dad was actually surprised by the strong European reaction.

Useless info: Frederick spent some time with Casanova. They even ended up in Frederick’s bedroom (doing nothing, really).
Equally useless info: Frederick and Voltaire once had a discussion about the beautiful butts of French men. I didn’t understand half  of it and it’s probably better this way.

Voltaire summed up his relationship with Frederick well :
„I couldn‘t live without you, nor with you. I’m not speaking to the King, to the hero. I leave that to other rulers. I’m speaking to the one who has bewitched me, whom I‘ve loved and with whom I’m always angry.“
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Morrigansfury Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did not know about the veternary medicine part. (Funny thing is Posen being captured by Prussia was probably the best thing for my dad's family)
And the man who created America's army was a Prussian.
Coycho Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The best friend of Frederick the Great who got killed was actually the 8 years older Hans Hermann von Katte, which who Frederick told that he wanted to flee from his father. Von Katte wanted to stop him at first, but then supported him with his plans. When they got caught, Von Katte was at first sentenced to a life in prison but this got changed by Fredericks father who wanted Von Katte to be dead. Frederick was about 18 at that time and his fdather forced him to see the execution out of the window of his castle.
It is widely speculated that Hans Hermann von Katte and Frederick the Great had a homosexual relationship, which I personally agree with because Fredericks father wanted to punish him for his "effeminacy", Frederick visited his wife (which he was forced to marry) one time a year (where nothing happened) and a gay realtionship with Voltaire is implied, too.
This makes Fredericks father even more abusive to me and the act of beheading Von Katte in front of Fredericks eyes even more cruel.

(all sources from fredericks wikipedia article)
:iconthepagansun: even back then the line between admiration and romantic love was pretty blurry. 

As always you make these things so funny!
It looks blurry to the modern day reader at least.

What was the rabbit's name?
Wow........ -_- (jk, that was a good one)
I really have no idea. It was hard enough to find anything about the rabbit story at all.
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